Echoes of the 1905 Revolution

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Echoes of the Russian Revolution of 1905 in Lviv

Though in the early 20th century Lviv was not an industrial center with a large number of workers, the Russian Revolution had a significant impact on life there. The events of 1905 were among the main outbursts of left-wing activity in the city.
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The strikes of May 1905 in Lviv

During strikes in May 1905, a trend emerged that manifested itself at its full potential during the construction workers' strike in July: an attempt to play the "patriotic card" in the confrontation between workers and employers. With this in view, the press, posters on the walls, and speeches during rallies or meetings were used.
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November 1905 and patriotic Polish youth

November in Lviv was traditionally full of Polish national celebrations. It was in this month that the beginning of the November Uprising was celebrated and the anniversary of Adam Mickiewicz’s death was commemorated. The troubled year of 1905 was no exception.
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The strike and demonstrations for electoral reform, November 1905

In the autumn of 1905, the October Manifesto on the "gift" of the constitution was announced in Russia. On the one hand, it instigated Austrian politicians to demand reforms in Austria as well. On the other hand, the Russian constitution was not supposed to be valid in the rebellious Kingdom of Poland, so Polish activists in Galicia also held actions of solidarity with the Poles of the Russian Empire.