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Funerals as national manifestations

Funerals with the participation of a large number of people took place in Lviv even at the time of strict centralization after the suppression of the Spring of Nations in 1848. These were opportunities to hold legal demonstrations at a time when all mass events, except imperial and religious ones, were prohibited.
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Funeral of Volodymyr Barvinskyi (1883)

Volodymyr Barvinskyi was an ideologue of the populist movement, a writer and the founder and editor of the "Dilo" newspaper. His death and funeral in 1883 marked the beginning of the formation of the Ukrainian national pantheon at the Lychakivsky cemetery.
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Reburial of Markiyan Shashkevych in Lviv (1893)

The reburial of Markiyan Shashkevych in Lviv on November 1, 1893 is considered one of the most significant "national manifestations" of the Ruthenians in the city. Apart from the mass character of the event, the figure of the poet himself as a "people's awakener" is important, by analogy with national poets of other nations.
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The murder of the student Adam Kotsko (1910)

The murder of Adam Kotsko took place in 1910 amidst the riots that broke out over the possible opening of a Ukrainian university. The student was one of the leaders of the Ukrainian student movement here. After the bloody culmination, the struggles switched to a more legal political course.