The Emperor's visits

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The Emperor Is Coming!

During his nearly 70-year reign (from 1848 to 1916), Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria visited Lviv five times, and each of these visits was different from the last.
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The Emperor Is Coming 1855

The emperor's visit to Lviv on June 22-24 (on his way through Galicia to Bukovyna) was particularly military in nature.
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The Emperor Is Coming 1880

These visits to Lviv by the Emperor were neither the first nor the last. But they were probably the warmest and most comfortable.
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The Emperor Is Coming 1903

The emperor's stay in Lviv was short - only 4 hours. The emperor was checking on military maneuvers in the Komarno area, and came to Lviv rather for a short visit.
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Honouring the emperor without the emperor

The symbolic role of Franz Joseph in the system of ideas about imperial power is described in the text about the emperor's visit to Lviv. However, the figure of the emperor was informationally present in the city even in his physical absence. It was quite evident, in particular, during various celebrations, jubilees or anniversaries.