Symbolic spaces

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Space marking

Mass politics influenced not only using the city’s space but also building it. Lviv was considered the capital of a crown land and, in addition, the capital of two national projects, so it should have appropriate buildings and monuments, while streets should have the correct names.
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Funeral of Volodymyr Barvinskyi (1883)

Volodymyr Barvinskyi was an ideologue of the populist movement, a writer and the founder and editor of the "Dilo" newspaper. His death and funeral in 1883 marked the beginning of the formation of the Ukrainian national pantheon at the Lychakivsky cemetery.
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The opening of the City theatre

The new city theater (today, the Solomiya Krushelnytska Opera and Ballet Theater) was ceremonially opened on October 4, 1900. This opening became one of the major events in the city, a testimony to the maturity of the city community that managed to fund and hold such a construction.